10 Subtle Signs Someone Feels Attracted To You

Figuring out whether your crush likes you is one of the hardest things to figure out. Because when it comes to attraction, things are usually kept pretty subtle. You have to look pretty close if you want to see the signs that someone likes you. Here’s what to keep an eye out for

They respond to the sound of your voice

The sound of your voice can seriously attract other people Many studies have found that women are attracted to deeper voices in men Whereas men like higher voices in women. Fast talkers are seen as more educated  And if you can change up your inflexion, you are seen as more interesting. Your crush might be in love with the sound of your voice, so keep an eye out to see if they are responding to your voice with a smile or a laugh. If this is the case, there might be a spark of attraction.

They play hard to get

The rumours are true, playing hard to get is a big sign of attraction. When we’re with someone who’s playing hard to get, we usually work that much harder to get their attention and that makes the seduction process much more intense. This all comes down to one thing, availability Appearing to be less available can make people want you even more.

Uncrossed legs

Body language also reveals a lot about availability. For example, when someone uncrosses their legs and arms, they are basically saying, ‘I’m available.’ This is a basic body language in both men and women. So this rule also applies to same-sex couples There are plenty of other signs of open body language such as unturned palms, maintaining eye contact and many more.

They talk about being single

Let’s stick on the topic of availability because it’s such a huge factor in attraction When someone suddenly drops a hint of being single, it’s a great sign. So if someone suddenly mentions that they’re single, maybe it’s the right time to make a move. Because who knows, they might be sending out signals of availability, as a sign of attraction.

Leaning in

A 2014 study, identified 5 separate flirting styles and leaning in was a huge sign of attraction that was mentioned. They specified that leaning in on an angle from the hip is a big sign of flirting. So if your crush is leaning into you after you make them laugh, it could be a major sign of attraction so keep an eye out for that.

Revealing personal info

As a general rule, the more personal info a person reveals, the more interested they are in you. That’s what a recent study found, when they study flirting techniques this can still be done in a subtle way, for example, someone might reveal that they are dealing with a heartbreaking loss or a major setback but in a slightly casual way.


In that same study, the researchers also studied the signs of flirting that might arise during a conversation and teasing was a big part of that. They specified that teasing consisted of making fun of another person in a light-hearted way. We’re guessing that a lot of our viewers have probably experienced teasing in their own flirting experiences but remember, Keep teasing light-hearted and fun. Never make fun of someone for things they are insecure about. No matter how much you’re crushing on them.

Eye pupils and dilation are linked with arousal

We all know that eyes are windows to the soul but if you stare deep enough into your crush’s eyes you might just get a clue as to whether they are into you. Studies have shown, that when people become aroused, their pupils actually DILATE. This is actually a pretty good sign of sexual orientation as well. Your eyes will dilate when you look at the gender you are most attracted to.

Playing with nearby objects

When some people get nervous, they fidget. They might play with their hair, their bracelets, or their nails. But according to a recent study, those same behaviours might be linked with attraction researchers found, that people that are flirting often found themselves playing with buttons on their shirts, zippers, strings and many other nearby objects.


Another big sign of attraction is mirroring if you look closely, you might find that your crush seems to be copying your movements  & behaviours in a subtle way it might be tilting their head to the side in the same way as you or adopting a similar posture. Mirroring has been studied quite intensively in psychological research. Which of these signs do you find interesting and believable?

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