5 Best Cute ways Girls flirt

5 Best Cute ways Girls flirt

Hey guys what’s up, today’s post I wanted to talk about five different ways that you girls flirt that guys find to be really cute I think that sometimes like you guys are flirting and you’re not really realizing that you’re doing it and at the same time guys are finding it to be really cute and you might not be coming off as like you even like that guy, but some of these things I like I think to seem as being kind of flirty and so if you do like a guy and you’re doing these things he most likely thinks that you like him also there’s a lot of things that like I probably won’t talk about in this article.

That being said I’m only going to talk to you guys about five loads of different things today so do you want a part two also let me know to play out what that being said here are five different ways that you girls flirt that guys find to be really cute.

When girls pretend to like something

The first one that I want to tell you guys about I think that this one happens all the time and we do it because we want to show that other person that we like them and even though like I think that the guy can usually tell that if you don’t really like something but you’re pretending to like it because they like it guys can usually tell. Sometimes you kind of get in that mode where like they’re talking about something and they’re really into it and so you feel like oh maybe if I like to pretend to be into it or I pretend to like it that maybe they’ll like me more or maybe they’ll like want to go on a second date with me or whatever it is I feel like sometimes we just kind of put that up there just so that that other person likes us a little bit more now that doesn’t happen all the time but I think that when we’re talking to somebody new or somebody that we really like.

One of the things that we want to be able to do is related to that person and so if they talking about a bunch of things like if you want to be able to relate to one thing so sometimes we do that I don’t really know I think that guys find it to be really cute though like if they’re watching something or they’re doing something and they can clearly tell that you’re not doing it but you’re pretending to be into it. That’s something that I definitely think is cute and I think the majority of guys would agree with me.

When you get in little arguments about funny random things

The second one is kind of specific but I think that if you guys are like people that go to the gym. I think that there’s some different there’s a lot of different flirting things that can happen in the gym, but I think what you girls tend to do sometimes is you tend to talk about how you don’t go to the gym but then in a guy’s eyes he sees you as being like the perfect person and so it’s kind of like one of those things where like you’re saying that you’re not into the gym. I think that guys find it to be cute because like we think that you look so good and then at the same time you guys are saying that you don’t like the way you look. I think it’s just one of those things where it’s almost like a mini argument but it’s so like fun at the same time that you don’t think you look good but the guy thinks you look amazing and so you guys are kind of going back and forth.

When girls send memes, gifs or videos that are funny

This one I think is super funny and like something that I love receiving from anybody it doesn’t matter who it is but I think that when you girls are flirting with a guy and you’re doing this. Guy absolutely loves it and that’s when you guys like a tag or you can send the guy a picture or like something that you think is funny. whenever I’m just like hanging out during the day and all of a sudden I get like a funny meme or a gif or somebody just sends me something that they think is funny and all of a sudden just puts me in a better mood and I feel like with a girl if you’re trying to flirt with a guy that you really like send him those things that you think are funny if it’s like a super crazy meme or something.

I guarantee you that like it’s gonna put a smile on his face it’s just gonna show him that you’re trying to flirt with them and you’re trying to show them that you like them and I think we just like find it cute because we know that you’re laughing at it or you thought it was funny or if it is funny we’re laughing at it and all these things just put together it makes it like a really cute flirting thing that you guys do. I even during the day like go through my Instagram DMS and I open up the memes and stuff. I think memes and gifts and pictures and all of that is just like when a guy receives it keeps things that it’s really cute that you’re sending it to them so that’s another really cute way that I think you girls flirt with guys.

When girls ask for help doing something

The next one when girls ask for help doing something when they don’t really need it. I think is like a classic one and I feel like people just do it because they’re trying to show that they’re flirting with the person but when a girl likes needs help from a guy. When clearly she doesn’t need help she just wants him to do something for him or to like open something for him or to do something that she doesn’t really need helpless she just wants a guy to do it for her.

I think that guys find that to be cute like for instance if you’re opening something and like clearly you could open it but like you want to make that guy feel good and like you want to make them feel confident and you ask him to open it for you. That’s just like a little scenario but it definitely happens or like maybe you’re trying to get something and like you can’t reach it and all of a sudden you ask the guy to do it and even if he’s shorter than you you’re just getting him to do it. I think that is funny and it’s just something that in the back of your head you know that you’re doing it but I think that guys sometimes catch on to it and we think that it’s really cute.

When guys hear a girl’s nervous laugh

The next one this is the last one that I want to tell you guys about I know that there’s only five in this post and I was actually thinking of making it like 15 but I feel like it would be kind of long if I did that so the fifth one that I came up with is I think that when you guys are flirting with a guy and like you’re talking to him and maybe you’re super nervous one of the laughs that you do when you’re actually taught like talking to him and you’re in front of them is the cutest thing ever like there’s a nervous laugh and then there’s like a regular laugh that you like have you laughed with your friends and it sounds different than when you’re with a guy and your because you like them.

5 Best Cute ways Girls flirt

So like maybe this doesn’t happen for everybody but if you are more of like an introverted like shy person and all of a sudden you’re walking up to a guy and you’re talking to them and you’re just laughing at everything that he’s saying because you don’t really know. What else to do and this is when that nervous laugh is coming out and guys can hear it like we can pick up on it and realize that we’re not even really saying anything that’s funny but you’re laughing at the same time so I think sometimes that makes us laugh but regardless I feel like when you’re talking to somebody and you’re laughing like it does make somebody feel a lot better if it is something that like you should be laughing at if they’re telling you something really serious and you’re laughing at it then it’s probably not gonna make that person feel really good.

But if they are just like having a light conversation with you and you do it like that little laugh or a little chuckle like anytime you says something then I feel like a guy picks up on it anything said it is really cute and little things like that I feel like have like the biggest impression on a person when you first meet them and if you are nervous just own it just like be yourself if you do nervous laugh whatever like that’s you just eventually you’ll get over and you’ll be comfortable talking to that person but if you like going home at the end of the day and you’re like oh my god I probably sounded like an idiot when I was talking to him because I was laughing so much those are all little things that make you who you are. That’s a fifth one that guys do definitely find that to be super cute.

Those are five different ways that you girls flirt that guys find to be really cute.

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