Guys notice these four physical features on Girls

Guys notice these four physical features on Girls

Hey guys what’s today’s post I wanted to talk about four different physical features on you girls that guys can’t resist I feel like there are a lot more physical features out there than just four of them. four of the main ones that I think guys actually physically like when they look at you and they see them it’s like guys just can’t resist it definitely I think that for you girls you guys when you look at guys for the first time there are some physical things that you definitely notice and some things that like either turn you on or turn you off or things that you like or you don’t like. That being said here are the four different physical features that I came up with for today’s article and I hope you guys enjoy it.

The first physical feature notice on girls

The first one the first physical feature that guys can’t resist is a smile now the reason that I’m starting with a smile is that girls I feel like this is also something that you guys can relate to. I think there’s a whole different vibe and like when you see a happy person it makes you feel happy also a little side note I think that like if you have white teeth it’s also a very attractive thing on a person like if you see somebody that you really like or you think they’re really cute and then they smile and it makes you feel good, but then you also see that it looks like they really take care of their teeth and their mouth I think that is just like one of those things like one of those features that people really appreciate one of another person has that. So that’s the first like a physical feature that I think guys like when they see it they can’t resist it I just think like a smile is one of those things that you just like it on another person.

The second physical feature notice on girls

The second one and this one is like a little bit different and maybe something that you didn’t know I didn’t really know this until I looked it up like a while ago, but it is actually more attractive and like something that guys can’t resist is when a girl wears red. Now when I looked up the article that actually said this it said that it’s actually like something that animals are actually attracted to too so like when an animal sees red it’s like more attracted to it and when humans see a person wearing red it’s almost like there’s a different kind of attraction than any other color. so if you’re going out with somebody like for the first time or you’re like going to a party and you want somebody to like notice you I think that like wearing red might not be a bad idea because like if it is more attractive to people then it maybe it’ll get the attraction of that person that you’re looking for, so that’s the second one I had no idea but now that I actually know about it I know that it’s an actual thing so yeah so if you’re going to a party or you’re going somewhere and you want somebody to notice you try wearing red.

The third physical feature notice on girls

The next one that I want to tell you guys about I this one I just feel like I’m on both sides of the spectrum because there’s no right and wrong answer. When it comes down to a guy seeing a girl one thing that guys can’t resist but some guys can’t resist a shorter girl and some guys can’t resist a really tall girl.
So I think that like when it comes down to like your height if you are a really short person or if you’re a really tall person like people are attracted to different things there’s no right and wrong answer, but I think that when it comes to a guy like seeing a girl for the first time one of the things that he’s gonna recognize and like see and think about is how tall you are and I think that with girls it like it happens to you guys so you look at a guy and if you super tall and you’re into that then it’s a huge turn-on if he’s super tall and you’re not into that then it’s a huge turnoff. But I think that’s definitely one of those things that guys see first is like they look at your body type they look at how tall you are and they just like put it together in the head of like how attractive that is to them but that’s definitely another thing that us guys and girls do when we look at somebody we judge them based on their height and if we’re attracted to whatever it is that they are.

The Fourth physical feature notice on girls

Guys notice these four physical features on Girls

The fourth one this one I think is kind of interesting because well maybe it’s not maybe you guys already know this. There are studies out there that actually prove that guys are more attracted to girls that are more natural than it would be if they were to have like a bunch of makeup on and be like all dolled up all the time.
I think that it’s true when it comes down to like the attractiveness of a person is like how much of yourself can you be if you’re able to be comfortable in your own skin I think that it’s something that sometimes it takes some work at but once you actually get to like love yourself that is more attractive than like having to feel like you need to be somebody else, like if you’re gonna go out go on a date whatever and you want to like put makeup on and do all that kind of stuff like that’s totally normal and totally something that guys are I like totally into but I think that the most attractive like thing is when a girl like at the end of the day for a guy could like take her makeup off take like whatever else she has on and just like be herself and totally be like comfortable in their own skin, I don’t know I just think it’s like an attractive quality and especially like girls if you guys see guys that like are always acting a certain way but at the end of the day you know exactly who they are and like they’re comfortable in their own skin. I don’t know I just think that like being able to love yourself is a really important thing and guys and girls find it very attractive when they see a guy or a girl that is able to be themselves and they’re happy in their own skin. So that’s an attractive quality that I think everybody can agree on.

Those are the four different qualities that I think guys see when they look at a girl and things that they find to be very attractive. So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post.

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