5 Things Guys Do Impress Girls

5 Things Guys Do Impress Girls

Hey guys what’s today’s I wanted to talk about five different things guys do in order to impress your girls.
Here is five different things guys are gonna do to try to impress you.

He might make fun of You

The first, one that I want to tell you guys about that I think maybe a lot of you guys can relate to is that he’s gonna try to make fun of you if he’s trying to impress you and I think what happens is like the level of a guy’s maturity will actually go down when he’s trying to like get himself out there and make you notice him. I also think that this is the same with girls like I feel like when you guys have a crush on somebody you might try to find like little jokes and stuff to say to him that like kind of catch him off-guard that make them laugh or make they smile. It’s so it’s like one of those mutual things that you guys just do to each other when you’re trying to get each other’s attention but that’s the first one that I guys will do when they’re trying to impress me.

Guys will change the way they look and smell

The second one that I came up with is definitely one that you can look for when a guy is trying to impress you and that is he will dress differently and he will definitely smell different. When it comes to a guy walking up to a girl that he really likes one thing he’s gonna definitely try to do is make himself look better than if he’s just going and hanging out with his friends. Now that also goes the same for like smell and like what he’s wearing his Cologne. I obviously can’t speak for like every guy but I feel like for me if I was going out on a date or I was going to hang out with somebody that I really had a crush on I would be putting on like my favourite Cologne that I’ve ever had and wearing like the nicest clothes that I could find because like you’re trying to impress that other person there’s just like little things that you do like that that is just different for that one person compared to everybody else so next time you got to hang out with a guy that you really like to think about what he’s wearing and like what he smells like because if he smells different and looks different than he always does there’s definitely something going on there and I think he’s trying to impress you.

Guys act Fearless and Take Risks

The third one I want to tell you guys and this is definitely something that I’ve seen before so I know this is like an actual real thing and that is guys will try to pretend like they’re fearless or they’ll be like really risky when they’re trying to impress you. I’ve had friends in the past like going out on first dates and they like don’t even know that person very well and they’ll go and like do some kind of sport like if they’re trying to like go off a jump or something and then they totally fall and like embarrasses themselves our maturity is just gonna drop a little bit and then we’re gonna think we can do anything and then we’re gonna hurt ourselves and then we’re gonna realize it probably wasn’t the right thing to be doing but we’re doing it all because we’re trying to impress you so yeah that’s a third one being fearless and like trying to show that he’s really pissed.

Guys will try to dominate conversations

Next one I think that even like introverts and people that are more outgoing do this all the time and that’s when they’re trying to impress somebody and so in a conversation they will try to be the dominant person and they’ll like to speak up over everybody else and like cut people off and not care about what anybody else is saying they just want their voice to be heard. He just wanted to feel like he’s leading the conversation and if there’s a point in there where it just makes him feel more confident to like say something or if he realizes that like you’re laughing at somebody else’s jokes he just might become this person that is all of a sudden really rude and like cutting everybody off because he wants your attention to be on him so if you notice any time you’re talking to him and he’s like getting like that he’s talking over people yeah I think that’s definitely another sign that like he’s trying to impress you because he wants you to hear what he’s saying and he doesn’t want you to be like concentrated on somebody else. That’s the fourth one definitely lookout for that because guys do that all the time.

He will try to teach you something new

5 Things Guys Do Impress Girls
The fifth one is something that I think is a little bit sneakier and maybe a guy has done this to you before and you didn’t actually realize it. When a guy is trying to impress a girl one of the things he’s gonna do is he’s gonna try to come up with something like some different way in order to teach you something new that you’ve never done the reason that guys will do this is because that gives them the advantage in the sense of like they know what they’re doing and you don’t so like you kind of have to like watching them and like be super attentive on what they’re doing and like all those different things that go along with him being able to show off and so if you notice that like you’re hanging out with this guy and all of a sudden he like does this thing and he’s like trying to teach you something new or show you how to do something it’s because he wants your attention to be on him always look out for that I think that is definitely, one that like was kind of sneaky that you wouldn’t really pick up on. that’s a fifth one lookout for it because it does happen.
Those are the five different things you guys can look out for if a guy is trying to impress you.

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