5 Subtle signs a guy is attracted to you

  • 5 Subtle signs a guy is attracted to you
Hey guys what’s up, today’s article I wanted to talk about five different subtle signs a guy will give you when he’s attracted to you. some of the signs that guys will actually give you if they’re attracted to you and if they like you and being a guy myself I have used some of these so I know that these are actually ones that guys do and I feel like a lot of you guys can probably relate to this post.
Here are five subtle signs that a guy will give you if he’s attracted so

He’ll tell you He sees other Guys checking you out

one thing that I think about guys is that when it comes to us liking a girl one of the things that we’re not really good at is hiding the signs that we actually like you one of the things that I think stands out the most and something that a guy might do if he is attracted to you or if he has a little bit of a crush on you is he might notice that anytime you guys are walking around you might actually, see him or like he’ll tell you that he sees other guys checking you out one of the reasons that guys do this is because when they do really like you and they have that in the back of their mind.
That like they have a huge crush on you but they’re kind of scared to tell you one of the things that they’re gonna be thinking about all the time is that and so they notice that other guys are also checking you out they’re gonna be focusing on that a lot and so they’re gonna make sure that they tell you anytime they see a guy like actually looking at you so next time you’re like at school or if you got work or something and the guy that you think likes you start telling you things about how other people are feeling or they’re looking at you I think that’s definitely one of the signs that guys will give you when they are attracted to you.

He’ll take random deep breaths

Subtle signs a guy is attracted to you

The second one this is definitely something that I do I don’t know what it is I think that it’s part of like being nervous when you’re around the person that you like but one of the things that guys will do if they are attracted to you and it’s one of those like subtle things that you could miss if you didn’t look at it like directly or see it right away but guys do this weird thing where like they take a deep breath in order to make their chest look bigger and it kind of like it brings their body posture up a little bit because when you like kind of sit up and you have a lot of air in your lungs it kind of makes you feel like you’re a little bit taller now I don’t really know why we do this I think that maybe it makes us look like we’re more confident maybe it just looks like we have better body posture than we do but guys will tend to like take those big deep breaths and I’ve definitely seen this before I think that I do something like that because like I get nervous. 
I tend to like just breathe a lot heavier than I would if I was around somebody that I was really comfortable with it’s just one of those like natural things that happens you tend to breathe harder when you’re around the person that you like you tend to do things that you wouldn’t usually do like maybe you sweat or maybe you fidget a lot or maybe you can’t like put your words together you can’t put sentences together everybody has those like little things that they do when they have a really big crush on somebody but I think guys will definitely do that thing we’re like they take in a lot of air or they take deep breaths because of they want themselves to look like they have like bigger chest or better body posture.

He’ll touch his throat or mouth a lot

The second one I think kind of leads into the third one which guys tend to touch their face or touch their throat a lot when they have a crush on somebody and they’re really nervous. There are definitely things that I do I notice that like I touch my chin a lot or like all, they do things with my mouth like where I’ll touch the edges of my mouth or I’ll like scratch the back of my neck or I’ll touch my throat and do like weird things like that because I don’t really know like what else to do with my now I’m not saying that every guy will do the same like little things that I do but I think that definitely like if you’re around they and you notice that maybe he’s like pacing around or he’s doing things like he’s touching his back or he’s playing was like a string on his hoodie.
There’s a lot of different things that people will do that’s kind of like fidgeting but we do it because we’re super nervous or we’ve never talked to somebody before and we don’t really know how to act and a really self-conscious about like the ways that we look or the things that we’re doing so if you notice that like when you’re around that person they’re doing like really weird things you notice that they’re just visiting a lot it’s definitely because of they probably are attracted to you it’s just that they don’t really know what to do and so if you make them feel a lot more comfortable you’ll probably notice that like after the second time you guys hang out or the third time he’s not gonna be doing those anymore.

His voice will change

Subtle signs a guy is attracted to you

The fourth one this one actually does like actually happens a lot. I feel like guys do this all the time and that’s when you’ll notice that a guy’s voice will actually, change when he likes the girl that he’s around now the weird thing is is that like different guys have different voice changes so like one guy might have a voice that gets a little bit deeper and then another guy might have a voice that just gets super high and what I think like each of those means is that when a guy’s voice gets deeper I think that that means that he’s trying to show that he’s more confident and he’s trying to put on that like really manly vibe it’s just that like a confidence that’s there he’s trying to like put more confidence into the conversation whereas like when a guy’s voice gets higher I think that it kind of means that like he’s being vulnerable and he’s like he’s kind of letting his guard down in order to talk to you and just showing that like he can have a conversation with you and it just shows that like if he usually is that really confident person that he’s willing to kind of take it down a notch and just show you. That he can be that sweet guy or he can be that really nice guy that you can come to and talk to you. 
So I think that there’s definitely, some different voice changes that you will notice and I think that they do have different meanings depending on like who the person is that you’re talking to but yeah definitely it’ll either go up or to go down so try to notice like which one it does and I think that that definitely means that he’s attracted.

His face might get really animated

the last one I think that this one is kind of funny because like when you notice it you’ll notice it right away and that’s when a guy gets super animated when he’s talking to you because he likes you I think that overall like a person’s body posture, their voice everything starts to change when they do like you but one of the things that you’re gonna notice is that like their animated face is gonna be one of the funniest things that you might see if you notice that they’re doing it so if he’s like smiling or you say something funny and he starts laughing you might notice that like his eyes get like huge or like his eyebrows go like way up or a smile just becomes like the biggest thing you’ve ever seen or if you’re talking to him about something that’s like maybe not happy that like his facial expressions are like super sad or he’s saying things in order to make it feel like he’s just more involved in the conversation I feel like just anybody that’s willing to get that animated and be that person that’s just so into the conversation that you can tell by their face and their voice.
That’s another way that somebody will show you that they’re attracted to you they’re gonna be part of that conversation they’re gonna do those little things like having a huge smile on their face or laugh when you tell a joke or open their eyes huge when they can’t believe something.  So yeah depending on the guy I think that some guys will get superly animated when they’re talking to a girl that they like.
so yeah, that’s a fifth like a subtle sign that a guy will give you if he is attracted to you but I think that you can kind of lookout for all of these and it’ll give you like a good idea if a guy really likes you. All right so those are the five different signs that I came up with I think that like there are a bunch more that I could probably talk about but when it comes to like just some subtle things.

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