6 Signs Your Crush Is Perfect For You

6 Signs Your Crush Is Perfect For You

Hey guys what’s up I wanted to talk about some of the different things to look for in a relationship to actually be able to tell you if you’re perfect together sometimes you can be with somebody for like six months and then after a while you start to realize the little thing and then you start to realize that like maybe this isn’t the person that you should be with and so I just kind of wrote down a list that I think are some things that you should really look for in a person when you’re going out with them and then I think that it’ll be able to tell you if you guys are actually perfect together.

The first thing

The first thing that I came up with in order to tell if you’re actually in a relationship with somebody that’s perfect for you. I think it’s really important to start out as friends in a relationship and rather just going straight into dating if you are in a relationship with somebody right now that you were friends with before you guys probably have a lot of past memories and a lot of things like inside jokes that you guys can joke about when you do start out as being friends that just shows that you guys are able to be around each other for a long time you guys are able to talk to each other, I think sometimes people get straight into a relationship too fast and you don’t have that period where like you were actually friends and hanging out and trying to figure out if you guys could actually hang out together and like each other and when you just go straight into dating sometimes you skip all that stuff and you don’t know if you can trust that person or if you don’t even know if you can talk to them so I would say that the first thing try to start out relationships and being friends and then going into a relationship.

The second thing

6 Signs Your Crush Is Perfect For You

The second thing I came up with in order to tell if you guys are actually perfect together is you’re able to make him laugh and he’s able to make you laugh. I think some of the best memories at least that I have are when I’m hanging out with people and I’ve either laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe or I’ve laughed so hard that like my stomach will hurt the next day and for some reason humour and like being around people that you can laugh with and just like have so many cool and funny memories with are one of the best things that I think you can have with a person and so I think that if you do look at the relationship that you’re either in right now or you want to go into if you’re able to make each other laugh I think that is one huge sign in order to tell that you guys are perfect together because that is a huge part but I think it’s awesome for you guys.

The third thing

The next thing that I think is important is that you guys always want each other around for some reason, I feel like I’ve seen couples before and there are people together but they never want to actually be with each other now if you guys are the opposite to that then that is amazing and like if you guys are always wanting to do things together and you guys love making each other happy and just seeing each other smile. That is one of the biggest things that I think a lot of people don’t have in a relationship and so if you guys have that that is one of the signs that I think you’re able to actually tell you are in a perfect a relationship like if you’re able to always want that person around you and you don’t want anybody else being there with you that’s a one really big thing to actually, realize in your relationship and something that I think is going to continue to make you guys stronger.

The Fourth thing

The next thing that I came up with in order to tell if you guys are actually perfect together is if you guys have seen each other through your worst darkest moments and you were able to actually stay together I think that’s a huge thing when it comes to being in a relationship because sometimes you go through a really dark time in your life where you start to see friends that you’ve had for like ten years all of a sudden just leave you because something happened I think that you’re real friends and the real people that love you around you will stick with you through anything and so if you’re in a relationship right now with somebody that has been with you through some of the darkest times you’ve had I think that that’s one thing in order to show that like there’s nothing that can tear you guys apart and so that’s another thing that I think shows that you guys are perfect together.

The Fifth thing

Next one I think we’ve all seen before and I think that even though we’ve seen it and it gets annoying sometimes I think that when you’re with somebody and there are other people around you like other couples that just like looking at you and they kind of cringe or they just hate you a little bit because of the two of you are so perfect together other people are seeing how in love you guys are and it’s just hurting them inside because they want that same thing if other couples hate you just a little bit because you guys are so cute together that’s a good thing that’s another big thing in order to tell like if you guys are actually perfect together.

The sixth thing

Your Crush Is Perfect For You

one a huge thing that I think happens in relationships is after one year or two years start to realize like wow I’ve been with this person for a really long time and it’s starting to get maybe a little bit old or you don’t really know how you feel about this person and I think that one of the biggest strongest things you can have in a relationship to tell us you’re actually perfect together because when you hang out with that person that you’re going out with and it still feels like it’s the first six months that you’ve been going out with them, that is a huge sign that you’re going to be able to be with that person, forever I think that if you are going oh somebody for a really long time right now and you’re starting to wonder if you are perfect together and you realize you haven’t been trying new things or you haven’t been doing a lot of things together I think in order to like actually feel and be excited about the relationship you’re in is to be doing fun things with each other and making memories and those are the things that you’ll look back on and be like wow that was like such a fun time and I am so happy to be with this person and excited to do more things like that in the future and I think that’s what keeps everything so exciting in a relationship.
Those are all things I came up with I’m sure that there are so many more things out there that are able to tell you if you are actually perfect together in the relationship that you’re in but I just thought I would tell you guys what a couple.

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