5 ways guys kiss girls they like

kiss girls they like

Hey guys what’s up! Today’s post I wanted to talk about 5 different kisses that guys will give you if they like you and what they mean. The reason that I wanted to do today’s article is that I believe that there are so many different ways that a guy will kiss you and different places that he will kiss you if he really does like you.
Here are five different ways a guy will kiss you if you like.

Kiss On top of your Head

The first place that I think a guy will kiss you if he really does like you is on the top of your head so the reason that I’m starting with this one and I think that it’s really cute but like when a guy kisses you on the top of your head I think that that just means like he’s there to take care of you like there’s something more there than like him trying to kiss you on your lips or kiss you on your cheek, he’s trying to tell you something other than that he feels like he’s kissing you on the top of your head because he wants to get across a message of like hey I’m here for you, I’m here to like just take care of you and be there for you so that’s the first one lookout for guys kissing you on top of your head because it doesn’t need a lot more than what you might think.

Kiss on your Hand

Kiss on your Hand

The second one that I think is kind of interesting and one that guys will do if they are flirt is when they kiss you on your hand. I think that it goes to show that like the guys being a little bit smart and he’s trying to like do those little things to either get you to laugh or smile or just like do something different than what other people would do and so if you notice like he’s doing those little weird things like he’ll take your hand and kiss it anything to do with kissing, you like somewhere that you wouldn’t usually be kissed. I would say he’s just like he’s trying to be a flirt and I’ve definitely seen guys do that before where like a girl will go in for like a hug or something but then the guy will grab her hand and like to kiss her hands. just like try to notice that if you notice that he’s kissing you on the hand that there’s definitely something different there’s definitely like a bigger message behind.

Kiss on the Neck

the third one that I think has a huge message behind it if a guy ever does this I think that there are various strong feelings there for you and so kissing on the neck is one of those things that like when you think about it the neck is like a super tender like a really sensitive place to kiss somebody and like not a lot of people just go around kissing people on the neck and so if you notice that like there’s this guy that you really like and you guys are like hanging out or something you guys maybe have kissed before and then he starts to kiss your neck like that is kind of taking something too like a little bit of a next-level because I think that that’s kind of getting across like more feelings then just like a regular kiss in the other video that I did talking about like hugging I think that hugging and kissing you can get a lot of how somebody’s feeling based on like the things that they’re doing or the way that they’re doing things to you and so I think like it kissing somebody on the neck it really gets across that message like that means something you need to really pay attention to that if that’s happening and if you have the same feelings fo that a person then that’s great and if you don’t then you need to say something definitely lookout for those like met kisses even if it’s just like something that’s like super little just look out for that and yeah that’s the third one.

Kiss on the Cheek

Kiss on the Cheek

The fourth one which you guys were probably waiting for is when a guy kisses you on the cheek there’s so many different things that I think go along with this one but when it comes to that I think that if you’re expecting something different definitely, there’s like a message behind that that maybe he’s not ready for something maybe he’s nervous or he’s scared or he’s not really like sure what to do and if you notice that like you guys have a lot of feelings for each other but he’s just not at that step yet. I think that there can be some feelings there but maybe that’s like a good way to like start a conversation about something that maybe you guys want to talk about that maybe like you guys haven’t talked about before.

He uses his Tongue

The fifth one and this one it might is a little bit intense but I think that it means something when it’s happening and that is one of the guys kissing you if you notice that like you can feel his tongue or like he’s trying to use a lot of talking he’s kissing you I think that he’s trying to like show you more like if he’s not really good with his words and he’s able to like use body language and use other things like if he’s hugging you like differently or kissing you differently, maybe you guys kissed for the first time and like all of a sudden you realize like holy cow there’s tongue and this is weird and this is never happened before. it’s just one of those little signs that you’ll be able to pick up on how a guy is actually feeling this kind of like kissing somebody on the neck is one of those things that gets another message across.
So those are the five different ways that I think guys will kiss you.

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