Long distance relationship Tips


Hey guys what’s up, today’s  I wanted to talk to you about a long-distance relationship.  So many other different things that you never really would have to think about so because I’ve had to go through it that’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about today and just give you some tips and let you guys know what I did when I was going through it and I think that these things will also be able to make you guys as relationship stronger while you’re away from each other.

Long-distance relationship Tip – 1

You guys need to be talking to each other regularly you guys need to like switch it up a little bit so that you guys are being more creative with the way that you’re telling each other things it can be easy sometimes when you’re in a long-distance relationship or when you’re texting somebody to just ask them how they’re doing like what they’re doing it gets kind of boring and you kind of fall out of the conversation and it doesn’t really seem like the conversation you guys are having matters, so I think that if you are in a relationship with somebody and they are somewhere else it’s really important to pictures sent they like voice clips videos send them different types of things to make the conversation a lot more interesting not just sending them texting like hey what’s up that’s kind of boring so make sure the conversations you guys are having are like on a regular basis you’re trying to make some more creative than just sending them a text.

Long-distance relationship Tip – 2

So the second thing I came up with is avoiding dangerous situation now what I mean by that is not literally avoiding like car crashes and burning fires and avoiding situations where if your friends are going out at night or if you’re hanging out at work with somebody and it’s not somebody that like your boyfriend knows I think that those situations where that other person doesn’t have the power to really see what’s going on just those weird situations that are out there where it might make that other person jealous or just wish they knew what was going on.

Long-distance relationship Tip – 3

That’s the second thing try to avoid those situations that like you wouldn’t want that other person doing while you’re not saying so if it means the one thing that is 100% going to be able to help you guys out and that is make sure that you guys are doing things together when you’re going on skype together at the end of the day or watch movies together sing a song to one another even if you’re like really crappy at singing play an instrument to make you feel like that person is there with you I think by watching movies and watching YouTube playing instruments and all that random stuff it might sound kind of weird but at the end of the day like those are the things that you remember and like those are the things I like the next day you’re gonna think about and think wow that was actually kind of fun like I felt like I was there with that person so yeah that’s another really good thing to do if you’re trying to keep that relationship really strong.
well probably the most important thing out of all these points I’m going to tell you is that the visits that you plan to go and see that person are basically the highlight of your guys’ long-distance relationship obviously talking to each other every day and making sure that that other person knows like what’s going on oh I can actually see that person and showing that other person that like you’re putting in the time and you miss them that much that you’re going to come and want to be with them and see what they’re up to going on top of that like it’s not just going to be like a hug is going to be like one of the best things they’re ever going to experience because you haven’t been able to hug that person and however welcome you guys haven’t seen each other I think that just like making plans to go see that person and just make sure that that other a person knows that like you want to see them.

Long-distance relationship Tip – 4

Long distance relationship Tips

So the next thing is pretty important and something that I think you guys should definitely talk about and that is making sure that you guys have like an end goal to all of this like an end goal to the long-distance relationship like what is the future going to look like for you guys after this long-distance a relationship is over and you guys are able to see each other, again but when you set goals you kind of are making sure that that other person knows that you’re in it for the long run and like you’re doing it because you love that a person so try to set some goals and then, in the end, I think that that will really help out when it comes to like actually being together again and just realizing what you had just gone through. The cool thing too about setting goals are that you might not be with that person like literally but you guys are able to wherever you are moved towards the same goal and I think that that’s something really cool that you guys can like really work on together.

Long-distance relationship Tip – 5

The next one is really important to make sure that you stay positive through that whole the journey of whatever it is that you’re going through sometimes you’re going to have your good days and sometimes you’re going to have the bad days and realize that it won’t last forever because obviously if it does last forever then your guys are you guys are just never going to see each other eventually you’re not going to have to be long-distance and it’s going to work out so just stay positive realize all the good things that are going on and why you’re staying in relationship with that person just let that other person know that you’re just grateful to be with them and even if it’s the littlest things I think that the little things can sometimes play the biggest part that’s another thing I think we’ll really be able to help you.

Long-distance relationship Tip – 6

The last thing that I came up with and something I’m not going to help you through all of these is just being completely honest with that other person. Just making sure that the person knows how you feel all the time is something that I think will really help you out and something that has definitely helped me out in the past, I remember I like just some days you’d have your good days and your bad days and some days you wouldn’t want to talk about certain things but you did and then, in the end, you realize that it was totally worth it but if there’s one thing that I would tell you guys if you are in a long-distance relationship it’s just honest with that other person don’t try to hide things from them don’t say things that you don’t mean that just like slowly creeps up on you and gets back to you make that other person feel horrible yeah keep it all positive keep it all honest by doing all these things that I said I know that it’s definitely helped me out and I think that it will be able to help you.

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