7 Manifesting love Relationship Tips

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Love Quotes Images –This is mine altering it will completely change the mood in the atmosphere and the energy around your relationships attracting people in your life? Today’s all about manifesting love and having mindful relationships and these Love Quotes Images tips that I’m about to share with you guys not only can be used with love and that style of relationship but also just through any relationship that you have in general whether that’s a family relationship a friend relationship a co-worker relationship whatever it is I’m gonna be sharing with you guys seven ways on how to have mindful relationships.

7 Manifesting love Relationship Tips

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First Love Relationship Tips

So the first step is to be it whatever you are you attract into your life so a really good example here is a direct quote from Oprah
“The the energy we put in the world is the energy we get back if you want more love in your life set an intention to be more loving if you see kindness focus your the energy on empathy and compassion”
 Oprah Winfrey
Whatever you want to attract into your life whatever type of relationship you want in your life becomes that if you are always angry and picking and complaining you will attract that type of person and energy into your life so be careful what you’re thinking what you’re doing and what you’re saying when those three things are aligned that’s what you will attract positive or negative so just be conscious of what you are being and what you are showing towards a person that is what you were going to be attracting in your life.

Second Love Relationship Tips with Love Quotes

So the second tip that I have for you guys is to drop the ego we tend to place judgments and label and identify with different people places or things and us are all conditioned based on our past our society our culture our experiences we all have different perspectives in life and we tend to be conditioned in terms of what we have seen and been through in our life when you act in a way that you find your life and your lifestyle as superior to others that are directly living from your ego which is so bad because when you act that way towards specific people that can be easily transformed into your relationship your ego will be what is controlling your relationship and when I say control we control them based on what we think they should be what we think the person should be like based on our conditioned perspective of our life and how we think it should and should not be and I’m not even saying to give up full control what I’m saying here is to acknowledge that you’ve never had control in the first place your life is not superior to anyone else in your way and your lifestyle is not the end and is all of what life should be like everyone’s life is different everyone has a different perspective on different ways that they live their lifestyle and who are you to say who someone should act and be like when you place labels on relationships or people you judge them based on your lifestyle and your point of view you’re separating yourself from them rather then looking at the relationship as a whole you’re looking at it with your way of life versus them and that is directly related to the ego we have to start looking at everyone as one we are all beings we are all spiritual beings.

This was like a thought-provoking definition the definition of Saunder
“The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own populated with their ambitions friends routines worries and inherited craziness an epic story that continues invisibly around you.”
so it’s kind of what I’m trying to say as we are all our little universe in a way and who are you to say your way of life or your point of view or perspective is superior to other peoples you can’t manipulate and control people into something that you think is correct based on what you’ve been conditioned to live like, when you do this and rule your relationship with your ego in mind you’re creating a not only for yourself but for them as well and the relationship as a whole.

Third Love Relationship Tips with Love Quotes

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So the third except that I have is to understand different perspectives so this kind of correlates with the last step that I’ve had with acting with your ego in mind, this one is more understanding their perspective and the idea that they have different points of views if you had the same past as the person that you are in a relationship with you would be acting and doing the things that they’d be doing the same way every single thing that someone has been through or experience in their life has conditioned and formed them into their being as they are now the way that they act is because of everything that they’ve been through the way you act is because of every little thing that you’ve been through where you are right now the word you’re saying the people you’re with the actions that you take your perspectives of life is because of your past if someone had the same experiences as you they would be the same person as you in acting the same way and when you are able to understand that you can accept and almost create compassion towards other people and it comes with a sort of peace and acceptance of who they are you don’t need to know their past just becoming aware that they have it is life-changing it helps you create a focus on living your best life rather than telling someone how they should live their best life.
So I have another quote because I freaking love quotes and I honestly don’t know who said this.
“Usually when we listen to a statement you hear it as a kind of echo of yourself you’re listening to your own opinion when you listen next time drop any preconceived ideas and subjective opinions just observe.”
We all have different perspectives based on what we personally have experienced and accepting and acknowledging that and every single human being will just create acceptance and love and good vibrational energy surrounding your relationships.

Fourth Love Relationship Tips with Love Quotes

So the fourth stuff that I have in manifesting love and relationships is to drop control when you start wanting something from somebody whether that’s actions or words you are not letting them be who are you are manipulating and controlling them to be formed into this ideal person that you won you create almost an attachment to them because you are wanting something for them you no longer look at them as a spiritual being you look at them as something that is benefiting you are bringing something into your life and that again is almost stemming from the ego, you have to look at it as a whole don’t manipulate and control people based on what you think they should be like that just sounds. so mean but we all do it whether we know it or not you’re almost trying to create something and forcing something rather than letting it just flow just let it be let it let them be who they are dropping the control.

Fifth Love Relationship Tips with Love Quotes

So the fifth step that I have is detachment you start attaching to things when you want something from them when you just allow things to happen you’re letting them be open for change this can kind of be correlated to control because when you’re attaching to something you are controlling the scenario and when you do that you’re holding on to it and it won’t be able to flourish and grow it’s kind of placing apart when you ask the universe how versus taking action when you sit there and tell the universe how you want your goals and manifestations to happen it won’t happen because you’re not taking action and you’re manipulating the situation if you just sit back and detach from this scenario and just focus on the feelings and emotions that you want to come from whatever you’re trying to manifest it will flow naturally and you won’t be so attached to how you are going to get there so it’s kind of like this vicious cycle when you are attached to something you self-identify with it and you focus on what you’re getting from it rather than appreciating what you already have from it so your focus on lack versus gratitude which eventually will be kind of mirrored back to you and it will emerge from the person that you’re in a relationship with because if you’re ungrateful you will see that in your relationship as well you are constantly meeting yourself through the physical world whatever you see in the physical world it is matching based on the actions that you’re taking and how you’re living your life so be consciously aware of that if you aren’t receiving people in your life that you want to have a relationship with a look at what you are focusing on are you attaching to a specific the idea of a person or a specific characteristic of a person and instead of doing that focus on the feelings and emotions that come from it and therefore you won’t be showing ungratefulness for your scenario now you will be showing gratitude and you will see that reflected in your relationships.

Sixth Love Relationship Tips with Love Quotes

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So the six things that I have is to let it be and this is simply being present you are going to stop the thought process that personalizes every little experience if you kind of think of every experience that you’ve had in your relationship or trying to manifest a relationship we put an ideal personalized experience based on our perspectives our point of views our past our culture’s all of that acting out of ego and we sit there and create this false story of what’s going on when in reality you’re not focusing on what’s presently in front of you you’re focusing on this false narrative in your head that you’ve created out of what’s happening in front of you it’s something that honestly I have put in perspective into my relationships and I’ve seen them flourish when you personalize experiences and you’re not focused on what’s presently in front of you you’re creating unhappiness for yourself and creating a problem that wasn’t even there and that’s not there right now in front of you so for example – if you called someone and they didn’t return your phone call you sit there and personalize the experience and you’re like ‘how dare he did not call me back he doesn’t care about me’ so disrespectful he doesn’t have the decency to return my call and you create this false narrative when in reality all that’s presently in front of you is he didn’t call okay he didn’t call like that’s all you have to say in your head like stop the thought process there don’t create this false scenario in your mind because that’s just gonna drag your energy down and create problems in the relationship in your mind and your happiness and it’s just a no-go when you react to situations and experiences like that with conflict that’s what you will receive when dealing with them.

Seventh Love Relationship Tips with Love Quotes

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So the seventh and final tip that I have for you guys is to use useful focus when dealing with people and relationships in general so there are two types of focus there’s useful focus and there’s useless focus is focusing on what you don’t want whereas useless focus is the think on what you do want and this is another example – I got from a book that I read I honestly don’t remember the book um yeah I don’t remember but it was saying that if you missed a flight useless the focus would be focusing on being stuck at the airport people walking everywhere in crowds getting frazzled with the clerk and yelling at them and children screaming all on things that first of all you can’t even change but also on things that you don’t want to happen whereas the useful focus is directing your focus on getting a new flight as quick as possible creating a solution for yourself dealing with it with patience and breathing creating mindfulness creating a focus on things that you can change think of the vibrational energy that you put out there if you use useless focus versus useful focus how would your day go first of all second of all are you attracting the energy to help you solve the solution like no nothing good is gonna come from useless focus relate that to your relationships do you focus on the things that you don’t want to happen or you don’t like about your relationship are you focusing on things that you do want out of a relationship or you do like in your relationship this is mine altering it will completely change the mood in the atmosphere and the energy around your relationships attracting people in your life and it creates Overall happiness in your life.
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