How to be Romantic

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Couples have been together for a while often forget how to be romantic stress at work or family life can lead you to take each other for granted we’d like to show you that romance doesn’t have to be a chore as it’s the little things that really show your partner you care. 

Step 1 make time for each other 

The most common reason for romance dwindling in a relationship is a simple lack of time spent as a couple you need to make time for each other in order to get the ball rolling set aside one night a week to make a date this could be anything from cooking a meal together at home to a night at the theatre just as long as you both agree to spend time alone together with no distractions.

Step 2 tell them you love them

Try to find new and original ways to say I love you that will make it more memorable leave a little note for your partner somewhere they will see it like on the fridge or their computer screen paying your partner a compliment is guaranteed to win their heart telling them how much you love their smile or how great their look will make them feel lucky to be with you sending your partner a love letter is the height of romance handwritten letters are rare these days so if your partner is the traditional type they will adore the fact that you took the time and effort to write to them just to tell them you love them.

Step 3 show them you care

if you want to treat your partner surprise them by cooking their favourite meal at home which you can eat together by candlelight you could even include aphrodisiac foods to put you both in the mood for romance foods you can eat with your hands such as asparagus exotic fruits figs and chocolate work best as you can feed them to each other.

Step 4 think bigger

If little things aren’t your cup of tea then, by all means, think big surprise your loved one with a romantic weekend break somewhere that you cannot be disturbed or by them that piece of jewellery that they’ve had their eye on.

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